Knitting And A Time Crunch

If you’ve read my bio or seen me at cons, you know that I cosplay.   I’ve become known locally for my costumes created using knitted or crocheted pieces. This year will be no exception, since I have been asked to speak again at BayCon.

I’m behind where I want to be in the fabrication phase, partially because it took me a bit longer to figure out a technical problem, a charity scarf that I needed to get finished, and three fuzzy distractions.  The scarf is complete, the technical problem resolved, and the distractions are being taught not to play with my ball of yarn.  (If you believe the last one, I would like to introduce you to my friend George C. Parker.)

Saturday, after finishing the I reviewed what needs to be done for the costume.  Then I consulted my calendar and did some math.  Six weeks until BayCon.  No, that can’t be right.

It’s right.  I need to get to work on the costume.  I have a lot to get done in a short time.  I can complete it in time for the Variety Show if I buckle down and get to work.

This calls for a reshuffling of my schedule. Unless I get bit by a story bug that won’t let go, I’m going to be spending more of my time in April knitting and less writing.  I might even post the occasional picture here too.  Look for this year’s costume’s reveal June first.

3 Replies to “Knitting And A Time Crunch

  1. I still have the wolf picture you made for me …embroidered…crafted…there is a name for the process that escapes me since I am so uncrafty. It it prominently displayed in my living room.

  2. If it’s the one I think it is, it’s counted cross-stitch. I don’t needlepoint that often and embroidery is still a mystery to me. 🙂

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