Puzzling Over A Fix

I’m still working on my costume for BayCon.  In the process of modifying the dress, I discovered that one of the original pieces and the backup pieces, neither which I can fabricate, will not work.  Fortunately, I had ordered a third piece that should do the job.  If the third piece doesn’t work, I just do without.

Since that is where my focus has been, I haven’t done a lot writing.  I haven’t shut down completely. In the back of my mind are two things I’ve been in a holding pattern regarding.  First is a critique of the novel which I won’t be able to dive into right away.  The second is an expected rejection of a short story.

The rejection is what is taking up most of my writer-brain cycles. I suspected this rejection was coming for a while, so it’s not a large blow to my ego. While knitting, I’ve been turning over ideas about what to do next.  I think I know what the story’s problem is, but I’m just not sure how I want to fix it.  I’ve got three very different ideas about how to work with it, and I’m not sure which way to go.  

Both involve rewriting from scratch.  Both shift to a point-of-view that I had not originally considered.  Neither I will really have time to work on until the costume is done.  I may be able to sneak in some time here or there for it.  I’ll chew it over for a little longer before I dive back in.

4 Replies to “Puzzling Over A Fix

  1. I had to do the rewrite thing with Moon Snatcher to get the story going again. It works wonders. Which sotume piece isn’t working?

  2. I’m in the same boat madly working on my costume for Baycon. Don’t beat yourself up for shifting your creative outlets temporarily. When you get back to your writing it will be like… BOOM.

  3. It was a cincher that I was going to use to create a silhouette. The first one looked like it was going to tear and the second was too small.

  4. I’m hoping that isn’t the sound of my brain exploding. 😉

    I should have the headpiece done tonight and will have obtained minimal costume. My worry is getting the -redacted- done in time.

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