NaNoWriMo Week 3, AKA Kersplat Against The Wall

My odds of hitting the 50,000 word mark for NaNoWriMo have gone down considerably.

I hit a wall. Or rather, a large wall collapsed on me.  This week I have been dealing with a stressful week at work, Mom’s medical issues, an emotional land mine exploding in my face, and a failing motherboard on my laptop. I need to dig myself out of the rubble and perform some self-care.

I was expecting something like this.  Novembers are notorious in my family for emotional madness, so I tried to build in a cushion of extra words for the day I knew I would have to spend away from the keyboard. Unfortunately, I only had one day of buffer that is now long gone.

According to my calculations, I have to do over 2000 words a day every day to catch up.  I figured out the problem I had with the outline. I can salvage some scenes, but there is a lot of rewriting to do. My trick will be somehow finding the energy to write those words after work and during the holiday break.

I’ve acquired a new laptop.  I’ve gone through three boxes of tissues.  I’ve taken Mom to all her appointments.  I’m not giving up at this point. But I am definitely giving myself permission to fail.