Taking A Break

This week has been mostly rest and recovery.

Like I suspected, the morass of a depression I’ve been struggling against lifted once I was into the month of December.  I don’t pretend that I’m completely out of it, but I am doing much better.

I haven’t been writing this week.  Or more accurately, I haven’t been doing anything that adds to my story word count.  I know that you are supposed to continue on to keep your momentum, but I needed the break.  Instead I’ve been recharging my mental batteries by doing a lot of reading and working on hand-made Christmas presents that I won’t have finished in time.  I’ve also been working on the outline for a short story that is being expanded into a full length novel.

Things are going to be ramping up again for me quickly.  In addition to the usual insanity of the holidays, my mother is going to have some badly needed eye surgery.  It’s standard stuff that should not be a big deal in the long run.  It does require me to be off my day job for a week to help settle post-surgery, not to mention act as chauffeur.

So I’m going to be taking the rest of the year off from regular posting.   I may pop on every now and then to post an update.  Otherwise, don’t expect to see me on my regular schedule until January 4th.