I’m back from WorldCon

It was an amazing trip.  I spent five days hanging out with other authors and costumers. I got to visit people that I only see at conventions, both local and distant, as well as make new friends. I participated in the Masquerade.  I didn’t place this year, but I was up against stiff competition. I watched the Hugo Awards in the Con Suite with Denise Tanaka and her husband. And I was thrilled to hear that San Jose will host WorldCon 76 in 2018.

Day six was spent recovering from the con, picking up a car, and dropping Elanor Hughes off at the airport.

Day seven had a distinct shift in mood.  My parents are from St. Joseph, which is an hour north of Kansas City.  Both sets of grandparents and my father are buried about a half hour away from there.  I couldn’t travel over 1,700 miles and not travel the extra 70 miles to pay my respect.

They’re buried in a little country cemetery on top of a hill, overlooking several fields. I came away from there emotionally drained, but with a sense of peace that I haven’t felt before.  My father died days after I turned 14, and this was the first time I’ve been to the cemetery alone and could work through some things that my 14-year-old self couldn’t.

I’m back home now, heading out to my day job. I scheduled a few days to take care of things for Mom that cropped up while I was gone.  I can’t exactly call myself rested and recharged, but I did enjoy the trip.