Guest Post – Sweary Cats

This was supposed to post while I was at Worldcon.  Oops.  So for today, I’m turning over my blog to my friend and damn good artist Colleen Wright.  Take it away, Colleen…

Hello!  My friend, Sheryl, asked me to tell you all about my drawings, coloring pages, and now, stickers.  My name is Colleen, and I draw coloring pages for adults.  Sometimes, adult rated!  How scandalous  of me.  I’ll just let this pussy slap me.

Bitch Slapper by by Colleen Wright

I love to draw.  I’ve been drawing forever.  Now and then I stop for a long time to get into another art: like carving bones into jewelry.  Lately, I’ve put my bone carving on hold to wait for some upgraded bench tools.  While I wait for that, I’m loving creating new coloring pages!

There is a term in coloring book publishing: niches.  Niches are when people like a specific type of, in this case, coloring book.  Like swear word coloring pages.  Or even more specific: coloring books with cats who swear.  These are designs from my new coloring book release Nasty Cats: sweary cats by Colleen Wright.  These, as you can see, are already colored.  And they are stickers!  I would love your thoughts on the designs.  Particularly my “more than one way to skin a cat” threesome:

Case Skinning by Colleen Wright Dorsal Skinning by Colleen Wright Open Skinning by Colleen Wright

If you like these, check out my store for more sweary cat stickers.  I even have a large coloring book available for download that isn’t just rudeass cats.  Check out Majestic Beasts at  for something friendlier to color.  If you’re into that.