One Week Published

A friend once told me that the business of being an author is “write a book. Publish a book. Write another book. Publish another book. Repeat.”

Chaos Wolf has been out almost a week now, and I’m still processing it. I’m also looking to the future and what else I need to get done to keep the momentum rolling. It’s sinking in that I have completed one journey, and am beginning a much longer one.

My plan post-release was to write an essay proposal, complete a paranormal romance novella called Skin Deep, and then switich back and forth between Chaos Wolf’s sequel and Lucy Harker Vampire Hunter. Due to a family emergency that ate up several days last week and is still being dealt with, I’m forced to reschedule my deadlines. I realistically won’t be able to put a lot of words on page until after BayCon, but I am frantically scribiling when I have a moment.

Now that I’ve squeezed out time to get this written, I’m going to go take a nap before I’m called back to caretaking duties. After that, it’s time to write another book.