Gone to the Con

Gone To The Con

I will be at BayCon the May 25th through May 28th at the San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport. When I’m not wandering around with a crochet dragon on my shoulder, you can find me at the following places –

1:30 PM Mining The World For Story Ideas (Connect 1)

1:00 PM Book Signing (Convene Lobby)
2:30 PM They Didn’t Stick The Landing – Disappointing Finales (Moderator) (Connect 4)
9:00 PM Chaos Wolf Launch Party (See Information Desk for room number)

1:00 PM Readings (Connect 4)
4:00 PM Female Heroes/Female Villains (Synergy 4)
7:00 PM Masquerade and Variety Show (Judge) (Convene)

10:00 Hand Crafts In A High-Tech Age (Moderator) (Connect 4)

Locations and times may change, so check the con’s schedule for the latest updates.