I’m Back

It has been a busy few months dealing with personal issues.  I’m not sure how well I’ve been dealing with them.  Unfortunately something had to give between my day job, my sanity, and my writing.  What gave was my writing. I chose self-care and cut back on the writing.  Sadly, that happened during NaNoWriMo, so I didn’t come even close to the 50,000 word count.

Fortunately I’m pulling myself out of the soul-sucking black hole. I know what triggered my downward spiral.  It’s a very much time-of-year based issue, and while I can’t stop it from happening, I’m going to be on a closer look out for it next year.

But the time off wasn’t a complete loss.  I spent some of the time working on a series bible as well as laying the groundwork for several different projects. And I’m writing up the schedule for 2020. The problem with me setting deadlines is that I know the person who put them in place is full of shit.

But for now I am back and will be trying to post something at least once a month while I get my feet under me. And I come bearing a few gifts.

And I hope to have more to announce soon.