Sheltering In Place As Much As Possible

For anyone who isn’t aware, my day job is working for a public utility. I have been deemed critical support staff and unable to do my job from home. In attempt to minimize potential exposures, they have moved me to a different shift, two hours earlier than my regular clock-in time.

This is playing havoc with my schedule. When I’m not at work, I’m at home taking care of my mother.  I’ve already skipped one convention, and am waiting for the word that another one has been cancelled. I’m going to shift my focus fully to finishing up Chaos Hunt. I can’t say how regular I will be posting here for the near future.

What I can do is help entertain those who are sheltering-in-place.  Chaos Wolf is on sale for $0.99 US through the end of May.  There are also two free short stories for people who join my email list.

So stay safe and stay healthy.  We’ll get through this.