Sheltering In Place – Week Two

Second week of sheltering in place.  Or as I like to think of it –

Second verse,
Same as the first,
Little bit louder,
And a little bit worse.

We’re hanging in here okay at home, for the most part. There was one incident.  Mom fell.  

Her leg slipped out from under her and she sat down hard on tile. My sister and brother were able to get her back on her feet. She didn’t lose consciousness but did have extreme pain in her lower back. A phone consult with her doctor lead to a probable diagnosis of a broken coccyx. They can only confirm with an X-Ray, and obviously that won’t happen right now. Treatment is for her to stay off of it.

So in some ways, this is the best time for it to happen. She now has a definite reason to stay inside. I’m still working (critical support staff), come home, take care of Mom, squeeze in some writing time, then collapse into bed.

Now we’re onto week three. Need a change of pace from binging Netflix and Hulu? For people looking for books to entertain themselves –

Everyone hang in there and love on each other.  We will get through this.