Sheltering in Place – Weeks 4 and 5

Me in a mask with a teacup printThe thing I’ve been noticing is how quiet it is on weekends. I live in the suburbs of a major city, underneath a flight path, and within a mile of a railroad crossing. I grew up with a constant background hum of traffic, roar of overhead jets, and warning blasts of a train horn. With sheltering-in-place, the traffic has died down, there are fewer planes overhead, and only the trains seem to be on their regular schedule. During the weekdays I don’t notice, since I’m at my day job and deep inside the campus away from the streets. On weekends, it’s hard not to notice while I’m in the living room.  

But as I sit in my house on Sunday afternoon, it is eerily quiet. There’s only one other time I’ve heard it this quiet – September 11th, 2001. We were holding a collective breath, waiting for what would happen next.

I feel like we’re standing on that precipice again. 

I missed posting last week because I was exhausted. I’m catching up slowly
. I’m putting in the pieces for the last quarter of Chaos Hunt. A few things I was hoping to announce appear to have been put on hold indefinitely. My day job is a steady grind.  Critical support staff for the win.

While I’m still making a steady income, a lot of people are not, including authors. What can you do to help? Read a book. Many authors are offering books for free or at a very low price. Your local library probably has the ability to check out digital books. Once you read those books, recommend them to your friends. Leave reviews. And send a note to the author to let them know how much you enjoyed the story.