Sheltering In Place – Week 6

Work is pretty much the same.  So is home life.  But I was hit with a wave of depression this week, and it took a little self-exploration to figure out why.

This is when I’d be in high gear getting ready for BayCon.  This year it’s been moved from Memorial Day weekend to early November. Part of me is still worried that it won’t be happening. 

A lot of conventions are moving to an online format.  I have very mixed feelings about it.

I would love to be able to attend a virtual portion of a convention I normally cannot attend.  It would be a blast to interact by video or keyboard with authors that I won’t have the chance to meet in person.  Part of the reasons I attend conventions is to take a break from my normal life. It’s harder to justify taking time off from my day job for a virtual event.

However, when I’m at home, I’m also on duty. My mother has mobility issues.  So while I would love to be part of a virtual panel, I can’t guarantee I won’t be called away because she needs help getting out of bed, the computer is acting weird and she can’t figure out why, or my cat decides I should be paying attention to her and not the screen.  So without an on-demand element, I’m not sure the membership will be worth the cost.

(Yes, I’m aware it’s very much a first world problem. I can tell her I need to be to left me alone or lock myself away from the pets. Instead you will hear background noise of yowling cats and Mom asking if I’m done yet. And before you ask, no, I don’t have someone else who can take over the responsibilities for me.)

I do have a membership for the Nebulas. While I won’t be able to take time off work for a few of the days, I may not miss as much as I’m afraid of. They are offering access to recorded panels for one year after the convention. 

Worldcon is also moving to an online format for this year, and I’m not quite as confident about being able to participate. I haven’t heard if they will be recording their panels. Since they are 19 hours ahead of my location and my new early schedule, most of what is going on will be while I’m at work or while I’m asleep. 

I have been getting my con fix from a Facebook group. Concellation 2020 perfectly recreates that odd vibe of a nerdy conversation at 1:00 AM in the bar of the host hotel. It even has a Dealer’s Room that you can wander, er, I mean scroll through.  

It will be interesting to see what the format of conventions will in the future. I’m hoping for some sort of hybrid version where virtually attending by on-demand is possible if you can’t be there in person.