Watch This Space

I’m in this liminal space preparing to publish a book. There is so much that I want to be talking about for these books and a few other projects I am waiting to hear back regarding.  Until things are cemented down, I can’t.  That’s one of the awkward things I experience about being a writer.  I’m talking about things that I’m writing without being able to give you readers the details. I am trying to balance out what is too much and what is enough of a tease.

Chaos Hunt has been sent off for copy edits. Once I get that back and reviewed, I will start the promotion process. I’m gathering the bits and pieces that I need to accomplish it. There are many things that I need to start doing, the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks of self-publishing.  Except I can’t until I have a few key pieces of data.  I won’t have that until roughly the middle of February. But once things get rolling, they will pick up speed quickly. With any luck, I’ll make the official preorder announcement in late March to mid-April.

Right now I am working on Lucy Harker.  The problem is that since I’m a weird hybrid of an outliner and discovery writer, I find myself making changes halfway through writing my story. The current manuscript is littered with notes about the changes that I need to make.  Apparently, I have accrued three major plot revisions, so I’m trying to figure out what can stand, what can change, and what changes need changes. The final few chapters have dropped into my mind, and now it’s a race to see if I can complete them before I have Chaos Hunt’s copy edits back. Most likely the answer will be no, but I’m going to get it as far along as I an

I’m in the beginning stages of outlining Chaos Kin, the third book. True to my form, I have about the first third of the book firmly in mind, a vague idea for the end that I’m sharpening, and the rest is a complete blank.  I do know enough that I have to let it sit until I get through the release stage for Chaos Hunt and then I’ll have the mental bandwidth to look at the outline and figure out the rest.

So watch this space for announcements coming soon!  

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