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We are one week from Chaos Hunt’s release!  

This is your last chance to preorder from your favorite bookstore.  Here’s a taste of what you can expect.

“Famulus Jordan Abbey,” Marcus said, his voice resonant and stern. “We need to know where you were and what you did last night. We especially need to be told of anyone you may have seen or anyone who may have seen you.”

Jordan glanced at Montgomery. He sat motionless, shoulders pulled back and hands balled into fists. Was she being asked to provide an alibi? Was she being accused of something? She squared her shoulders, meeting Marcus’s gaze. “I spent the full moon last night hunting at Mount Ponderosa Park. While there, I was attacked by members of the Black Oak Pack, who informed me they were reclaiming the park as part of their exclusive hunting territory. They accused me of poaching.”

Marcus leaned forward a few millimeters. “Who, specifically?”

“Alpha Shane, his daughter Angela Shane, and the twins Ryan and Brian. I don’t know their last names.”

The female vampire sitting to her left stirred, her glare crashing like a pallet of bricks on Jordan’s shoulders. But Jordan’s attention remained focused on Marcus. “Did you speak to anyone else?” he asked.

“Famulus David Crossley. He was there when I arrived and shifted. He was also there when I returned and got dressed. I told him what the Black Oak Pack had said and suggested he leave the area.”

“When was this?”

Jordan bit her lip. “I got home around sunrise. So five o’clock a.m.-ish? I can’t say for certain.”

“Had the Black Oak Pack been in the area before you arrived?”

Jordan shook her head. “I don’t know. I wasn’t aware they were there until they blindsided me.”

“And they only threatened you?”

“Yes.” The knot in her stomach was growing tighter. Something was very wrong. “May I ask what happened?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the vampiress stiffen. “This morning, Sabrina’s famulus was found dead inside the gates of Mount Ponderosa. The coroner’s report will reflect that he was mauled by a bear. They most likely will make notes of the large tracks in the area.”

Jordan swallowed, willing her stomach to keep its contents in their place. She hadn’t come across any signs of a bear in the area. “A werewolf killed him?”

Chaos Hunt is available June 21st, 2022.