Chaos Hunt Teaser Three

We’ve had a few more health issues pop up this week. Everyone is okay so far, but it means I’ve been taking on a lot more for my family. So here’s another teaser from Chaos Hunt

Jordan’s skin felt cold as her spine stiffened. Montgomery had said that if Jordan showed Rosanna the proper respect, she’d accept the fangs and things would be right between the two vampires. She had recited her speech flawlessly. Or had she blown it? “I’m sorry. Was it something I said? I meant no offense—”

“You have given none, little wolf. Your patron, however, should be not sending his famulus to perform an act of contrition he should be doing himself.” Rosanna clasped her hands, interlacing her fingers. She looked Jordan up and down and gestured for her to sit in the chair opposite her desk. “Now, allow me to give you a word of advice, little wolf, even though I am not your patron.”

Jordan sat, perching on the edge. “Advice, ma’am?”

Rosanna leaned on her forearms. “You do realize one day you will be forced to make a decision.” Her tone was conversational, but the words held the weight of doom. “You will not be allowed to remain with a foot in both worlds. You will have to choose between the ones who saved you and the ones who are your own kind.”