Happy Holidailies – Dec 3, 2022

My friend Richard is hosting Happy Holidailies. The goal is to post daily on your blog from December 1st to January 1st. I’m going to be making a short post on what the random prompt generator creates.

Prompt – Introduce yourself and your website to Holidailies readers.

Hi! My name is Sheryl R. Hayes. As my tag line of my website says, I am an author, knitter, and servant to cats. I live in the Bay Area of California, USA. Let me explain why I picked those three ideas to express who I am.

Author – I’m a writer and have been for a long time. I wrote fanfic for roughly twenty years before I tried my hand at commercial fiction. And the fanfic is still out there online, but not under my name. I’ve written several short stories and two novels and a novelette, with two more novels currently being worked on.

Knitter – well, I’m technically a yarn artist, but when I say that, I get a lot of blank stares. I knit and crochet. What I’m known for locally is my knit and crochet costumes, but I will try making just about anything once. I host pictures of the costumes on my site.

Servant To Cats – I have three adorable fluff balls named Julius, Sherbert, and Popsicle. They are three sibling rescues, although you wouldn’t know it how they act. Normally you’ll hear me talking about how I have to type while peeking over Sherbert’s back or how Popsicle almost broke my nose expressing her love. Julius is more bonded to my mother, but he demands his pettings from me. Pictures are on my Instagram and in my newsletter.

This and my newsletter are the best places to find out what I’m up to. I keep a running list of my social media accounts at my Linktr.ee if you want to connect that way.