Happy Holidailies – Dec 2, 2022

My friend Richard is hosting Happy Holidailies. The goal is to post daily on your blog from December 1st to January 1st. For those 32 days, I’m going to be making a short post on what the random prompt generator creates.

Prompt – Does your family do anything wacky during the holidays?

Does going to the ER count?

It only happened one year. My ten-year-old sister was sick for a few days leading up to Christmas, so we planned a low-key affair. After we finished unwrapping presents, she announced from the couch she laid on, “I’m glad there are no more presents. I’m too tired to open another one.” I stayed with Grandma while Mom took her to the hospital. I can’t remember what they diagnosed her with, but she was home for another week after that.

Otherwise, the only tradition I can think of is that we’re allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve, right before bed. Usually we would be guided towards unwrapping a plush toy to cuddle with until morning.