Time Management

I’m not that good at time management.

Let me correct that. I’m great at setting a schedule . I can write up all the to do lists and note times for doing various projects.  I can set deadlines like nobody’s business.  And in theory they are all realistic and achievable.

But there’s that old military truism.  No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy.I’m not that good at sticking to a schedule.   This post is a prime example.  I was supposed to have this posted last Monday.  Yes, I set a deadline.  I also know that the person who set my deadline is full of shit.  Part why is writing is my third job.

So now I am trying to get my schedule set for 2024.  I will get Chaos Kin out, assuming no further family emergencies, even if it is later in the year than I’d like to publish it.  I have a second novel whose first draft is completed, but I want Chaos Kin squared away before I figure out what I want to do with it.

Right now the only convention on my schedule is BayCon, though if FOGCon returns, I will  most likely attend.  Unfortunately the other con I planned on attending has closed its doors with no signs of ever reopening.  (On that note, Bay Area people, what cons do you think that I should be attending.  Keep in mind that I’m a one person operation, so try to keep it within driving distance of the South Bay.)

Other than that, all the stuff I have to schedule is backend things that you wont necessarily see – writing, editing, applying for sales, newsletter swaps, and other general marketing tasks. And that includes getting better at  being on social media and updating here.

But remember who is setting the deadlines.