It’s That Time Of The Year…

First, let me remind you of my last post. 😉

My plans posting in the month of October fell through. I didn’t have the mental energy to work on my Halloween posts, mostly because I was busy finishing up my Halloween costume and working on Christmas presents for my coworkers.

For non-crafters, if you want to make holiday gifts, especially if you need a lot of them, you need to start around August, September or October at the latest. I have about 50 that I need, so starting at the beginning of October is actually a little later than I should have. But I’m about ten away from being done. Why do I want these done before November instead of December?

Because November is National Novel Writing Month! Fifty thousand words in thirty days. Need I say more?

Long time readers of this blog know that I have had varied success completing it. Although 50k is the goal, I’m happy with any amount I get done. I may not get the entire novel done in this time period, but I plan to get a large chunk of Chaos Kin written.

I won’t be disappearing completely this time. I will be posting a daily word count on my Bluesky account. If you’re on my email list, you’ll get a few special notifications, besides my normal email on the 15th. And if you’re not a member of my email list, I recommend you join so you get the exclusive Jordan Abbey story.

So I’m going to limber up my fingers and get typing.