Sheltering in Place – Week 7

Since last Wednesday I have:

  • Called 9-1-1 for a lift assist after my mother fell the first time
  • Called 9-1-1 for transport for my mom to the ER after her second fall the same day
  • Waited at home to talk to the ER doctor because I’m not allowed into the ER. (CT scan and X-rays show no broken bones)
  • Picked up Mom from the ER five hours later. (Probably cause of fall – muscle relaxants that worked too well)
  • Went out to buy a commode and pads to help prevent accidents.
  • Helped lift my mom out of the bed every two hours for two days because she developed a UTI since she was not able to use the bathroom while she was in the ER
  • Made multiple runs to the pharmacy for antibiotics and pain relievers.
  • Talked her through two (not quite) panic attacks.
  • Made arrangements for a broken sprinkler system to be fixed on Thursday.
  • Searched for a “missing” cat Mom was convinced got outside. (Don’t worry.  Popsicle was hiding under my bed due to all the strangers coming in and out of the bedroom while making Very Loud Noises. And that commode is awfully scary looking…)

To top it all off, one of the leg’s of Mom’s adjustable bed has sheared off of where it attaches. I have an appointment to go look at replacements tomorrow morning.

This is all being done while respecting social distancing and wearing a mask. Obviously, I’ve taken leave from my day job and my writing has ground to a halt. I was going to say that I’m going to go quiet for a while on social media, but it’s not that different from normal.

2 Replies to “Sheltering in Place – Week 7

  1. Yikes. Sorry to read that you’ve had the kind of week I would not wish on even my worst enemy.
    Hope your mom improves soon; give her my regards.
    Wishing you smoother sailing and many good things.

  2. I’m so sorry; that is a LOT. 🙁 Please reach out if there’s some way I can help.

    Erin M

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