Chaos Hunt Teaser

This last week I got knocked for a loop by a combo of a vaccine booster and cellulitis at the injection site. Since I haven’t had the ability to focus, here’s a teaser from Chaos Hunt.

Montgomery stood by the dais, speaking with Marcus. The elder had stepped off the low stage and stood eye to eye with his brood. As he got closer, he could make out the last of Elder Marcus’s words. “Given the situation, I would like you to give some serious thought to moving back here. It’s escalating from Family to vampires. You might be the next target.”

It was Marcus’s usual ploy to regain control over his child’s life. Thorn allowed himself a mental smirk. Montgomery had been turning down offers like this for the last ten years. But to his surprise, Montgomery drew in a deep breath. “I’ll consider it.”

Apparently, Montgomery’s noncommittal answer was as good as an acceptance to Marcus. “I will order that your old quarters be prepared.”

Montgomery bowed his head. “I’ll reach out with my plans once I’ve made a decision.”

“Take your famulus back to your apartment,” Marcus said. “I’ll look forward to your call.” He turned and walked away.

Montgomery looked after him and then spun on his heel and left.

Thorn followed. “Bravo, Mac,” he said once they reached the hall. A few vampires were walking toward the elevators, Family trailing behind them, wanting to make it to their homes before dawn. It was empty enough for him to be comfortable speaking freely. “I never thought you’d actually have the balls to lie to his face about moving back.”

Montgomery’s voice was flat as he stared straight ahead. “I wasn’t lying.”

“Wait. You’re actually thinking about doing it?”

“Not the old rooms I shared with Christine,” Montgomery said. “But yes. It might be better for us all if I moved back in.”

“Why? You remember what it was like.” Thorn swung around in front of him, grabbing Montgomery’s upper arm. “Under twenty-four-hour surveillance? Marcus overseeing your every movement?”

Montgomery shook his arm free. “Is it any better than having someone I’m sleeping with reporting my every move to Marcus?”

Thorn’s stomach dropped.

“What?” Montgomery snapped. “You didn’t think I figured out why you’ve been staying at my apartment? Easier for you to spy on me?”

He smiled even though he felt the blood draining from his face. “Spying is such a strong word . . .”

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