Chaos Hunt Teaser Two

I know this post is later than I want it to be, but it’s before midnight for me. It still counts as my Monday post.

This has been a busy week and I feel like I have accomplished nothing.

Which isn’t true.  I’ve actually accomplished a lot.  I just can’t show you any of it.  Like I’ve been accepted for my first book promotion. (If you’re planning on reading Chaos Wolf before Chaos Hunt is released but need to buy a copy, wait until Wednesday, June 1st.  It will be on sale for $0.99 US.) Or finalizing cover art for another project. Or editing/rewriting parts of another novel that will probably be out early next year.  Or gathering the files and documents I need for the release day.  Not to mention preparing for BayCon….

Add onto it we’ve had some COVID positives at work and a stomach bug affecting family members, my focus this last week has been off.  You can tell because this post is a day late.

So here’s another snippet from Chaos Hunt.  Jordan’s past is slowly catching up to her.

“You’ve probably heard rumors that David was killed two nights ago, the victim of a mauling at Mount Ponderosa.” His expression was grave, gaze hard. “The rumors are true.” He fixed Jordan with a hard stare. “The official record will state he was killed by a bear, and the animal has yet to be located.”

Jordan dropped her gaze, unable to meet his stern expression. Way to look not guilty.

“Also, be aware Mount Ponderosa has been reclaimed by the werewolves. It is no longer considered safe territory for our patrons to hunt in safely.”

An older woman raised her hand. “Was a werewolf involved in the killing?”

“As I said before, it was believed to be done by a bear. That is all I will say on the matter.” He looked over the audience. When no one else challenged him, he continued. “We have one other piece of business.” He turned from the crowd to a side room and called out, “If you would join us, Margaret. Margaret has just sworn to be famulus of Elder Marcus. Please make her welcome.”

Jordan bit back a gasp as the blond woman stepped into the main area. Molly! Her tight black dress wrapped around her torso but left her arms bare. The V-neck plunged a half inch below her cleavage, leaving her skin to be the platform for a golden pendant shaped into the Family logo. The hollowness of her cheeks was emphasized by her pale skin. She had lost at least twenty pounds. But Jordan had no doubt as to who she was.

Her mind flashed back to three months ago. The building panic when she had gone home to find the police had taped off the apartment. The denial flooding her as the body bag was wheeled out after being asked who lived in the apartment. Sitting in the police car, numb as they were driven to the station to give statements and wait for Family to arrive. And the crushing guilt when she looked at her roommate at the reception after the funeral. Now she stared into the eyes of Molly Griffiths, her friend since high school and one of her last connections to her human life.

Molly’s gaze swept over the room, then fixed on her. Jordan swallowed, her stomach dropping. How much did Molly know? Obviously, she was now aware of the existence of vampires, but what about werewolves? Was she told the truth about Darren’s death? And had she heard the stories about Jordan?